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About the Voyager Media

We were founded in 2021 with the simple goal of disrupting the status quo. One thing rang valid through our collective 100-plus years as a management team; the broker economy was ripe for disruption, and our capabilities of harnessing next-generation Web3 and blockchain technologies aligned well. The idea was incubated, and Voyager Media Group was the result. Not the ending, just the beginning of the story.

Our Leadership Team

This is the your business.

Dave Siles

David Siles is the Chairman and CEO of the Voyager Media Group and co-founder. A veteran of start-up and public sector companies, he brings to the table over 25 years as a thought leader, coach, mentor, and sound businessman. He has previously served in various leadership and founding positions at Rubrik, HyTrust, DataGravity, Veeam, Illinois Trading Company, Kane County, Illinois, City of Chicago, Chicago Transit Authority, Novopoint, and AMNorth Internet. David is a recognized expert in security, ransomware, and blockchain technologies. He is frequently asked to speak at international conferences and contributes press articles and media interviews when available.


Enrique Barreto

Enrique Barreto brings a wealth of experience to his current role as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Co-Founder at Voyager Media Group. With over 20 years of experience in the start-up and retail sectors, Enrique has held various leadership positions that have given him a deep understanding of what it takes to build and run successful businesses. Most recently, he was at Rubrik, where he was responsible for running day-to-day operations and providing technical expertise on data protection technologies that he could apply across many industries. As an expert business continuity officer with extensive experience managing IT environments, Enrique is ideally suited to help Voyager Media Group continue scaling and protecting its clients' data in any situation, like blockchain and web3 technologies.